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Some people tell me that we just had a holiday weekend.  For me, this weekend was do or die weekend on the school front.  Specifically, Yesterday was the submission deadline for the UNR Sontag Competition.

So as soon as the last slice was crammed down and doggie bags were handed out, it was go time for me.

Here was my Black Friday



And Saturday.

And Sunday.

No fun run friday with the run club or social sunday with the Procrastinating Pedalers over at Waldens.  


Business plan writing.

Oh, and Legend of Korra.

Yup, one of my little indulgences is the Avatar animated series.  Not Shamalan’s atrocious movie.  The original series.  And now the two seasons following the new avatar.

And that was my entire “holiday” weekend.

The good news is, I completed the business plan.  I wrote 22 pages plus three different excel models in the span of two and a half work days.  Then I took all of that and cut, chopped, and duct taped together a cohesive 10 page packet for submission.  I will find out next Wednesday if my submission continues on to the final round.  Heres to hoping.

Today was a continuation of the grind.  The normal class, tutoring(teaching others always puts me in a good mood), and work on multiple group projects due in the next 24 hours.  And somewhere in there I managed three meals(more or less) and a workout.  Now today would normally be a bike day.  And the weather was plenty warm for it.  But it was windy.  And I mean WINDY.

So I did the brave thing….

and ran in the hot(windless) gym on the treadmill. 

The Highlighted zone is 170-199bpm


Yes.  You read that correctly.  That says that I spent 17 minutes above 170 beats per minute.  And each of those humps, 5 minute intervals with the treadmill at full uphill incline.  Right now I’m just trying to build muscle.  So that means single leg drills on the bike(ugh!), hill climbs when running(somehow I learned to love those), and swimming… well I’m still just trying to put together 1500 non stop meters(step 1: flail, step 2: flail better).

So that was my weekend and Monday.  My legs think I’m insane, it is about to snow in Reno, and I busted out a business plan in 72 hours.

And your random note of the day:  If you are in business or math majors in college.  When you do your M&Ms assignment, save the data.  I can guarantee you will be able to reuse it like three more times at least.

Nom Nom Nom


243 Days to NYC Tri 

Ready to Bake

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get from the pumpkin to the filling? How do they turn that big orange squash that was grinning at us only a few weeks earlier into such divine pie? For most of us its simple. Exchange a little cash at the local bakery or simply show up to grandma’s house and voila! Delicious pumpkin pie. Today, in the spirit of the holiday, I donned the oven mitts, threw out the moldy jack-o-lantern, and endeavored into the unknown that is pumpkin pie. From real pumpkins. So sit back, digest your left overs, and read on for just what it takes to go from giant squash to american tradition. Read the rest of this entry »


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