Ward 3 Candidate Lisa Schmidt

Lisa Schmidt

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What are the City of Reno policy parameters that you think make a difference in decisions for businesses and citizens that are considering relocating to Reno?  Which of those parameters would you change if you could?

I think that the City of Reno should continue to streamline their business licensure and building permit processes to help accelerate the process for prospective business owners.  I would also encourage businesses to move to Reno through the use of an incentive program which could benefit both local businesses and the community. Such as discounts on new and renewal licensing fees if the business contributes to local schools or other programs that assist community members. In addition, promoting businesses to maintain and/or improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of their day to day operations, will improve the overall environmental quality of life for all citizens. Environmental consciousness is key to improving the health of our citizens, and welcoming and valuing businesses with environmentally friendly practices is a step in the right direction.

If elected, what would you do to help diversify Reno’s economy from its current state?

To diversify Reno’s economy I would support measures that promote local businesses over national and transnational corporations.  I would also pressure the Nevada State Legislature to repeal the “Right to Work for Less” laws, and push them to institute business and personal income taxes, with specific tax breaks for local business creation.  This would drive away predatory companies, while promoting local jobs.

How would you support the current and future renewable energy industry?

I believe this has been answered in part by my first suggestion of license subsidising for those businesses that maintain energy efficient practices and promote renewable energies in their business models. In addition prospective businesses can work with local green-energy companies to make their models more energy efficient, fostering a more cohesive energy-community.

Recently, Reno has been the butt of jokes from everything from Saturday Night Live to the Muppets Movie. What would you do if elected to help stem the tide of negative publicity toward the city of Reno?

I would be more concerned with the local opinion of Reno than outsiders. If we strive to better ourselves as a community and take pride in all we can offer our citizens, the opinions of outsiders will be irrelevant. Reno has not done well by its citizens and the way to get back in their good graces is to promote only those actions that give breaks to middle and working class people and entrepreneurs, while blocking those actions that only drain resources from our city without giving anything back.  I will promote community organizations that can re-invigorate our neighborhoods: clean ups, free home renovations, food drives, and working cooperatives.

How do you feel the current Regional Plan needs to be emended to promote sustainable growth for the cities and county?  Tax implications?

Are you willing to sell off Reno’s ReTRAC property assets at fire sale prices to service the bond debt on the project?

Do you support legislation to reform Nevada’s tax code to create a more sustainable tax base?  How?

Yes, reform of the tax code is key to promoting sustainable economic growth anywhere.  The taxes must be progressive regarding personal and corporate income placing the greater burden upon those people and companies that have benefitted the most from doing business and working in the area.

Where do you stand on the Nevada Farms / Wolf  Pack Meats land use battle with the city?

I think that Wolf Pack Meats and Nevada Farms is a unique and invaluable part of our local economy, and as a proud UNR graduate and environmental activist, I support their agricultural efforts. I think selling the land of Nevada Farms should be an absolute last resort when looking to make budget cuts. Reno should push to be more environmentally sustainable, instead of taking away one of the only local farms in the area. Our future as a community will rely on its ability to support itself in hard economic times, instead of looking out of the state or country.

Should city funds be utilized to buy and develop the downtown Post Office site?

In these difficult economic times I believe that city funds should only be used to promote the infrastructure of our city’s most essential services such as Safty/Police, Fire, and Transportation.